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Telephone;  01784558002

E-mail; [email protected]


Got an appointment? Here is what you need to know before you arrive:


1. Ensure you arrive with spare time. Even 2 minutes late will set us back at a point where time is key to the safe running of the salon.


2. Wait in your car or outside of the salon


3. When your stylist is ready and the section you will be settling into is clean and ready, we will call you on the mobile number we have provided (unless you are waiting outside the salon.) At this point you will be told to make your way to the salon front door


4. Please do not enter the salon without a member of staff present as everyone coming into the salon must go through the appropriate checks.


5. Once you’re at the salon door a member of staff will take your temperature and ask you some questions. If you fail any of the checks you will not be allowed to enter the salon and will be asked to rebook via social media


6. Our staff member will then provide you with a new, untouched & grade face mask to cover your nose, mouth and chin with. You won’t be able to enter with your own mask as we need to make sure everyone’s mask is clean and of a certain grade.


7. We will then ask you to sanitize your hands. You are welcome to wear gloves to the salon, but we will still ask you to use hand sanitizer.


8. Once you’re in the salon a team member will guide you to your seat whilst sticking to social distancing.


9.Your stylist will guide you through your appointment, informing you of anything you need to do to help keep you and them safe.


10. At the end of the appointment you will be asked to clear all your personal belongings and any rubbish you may have and pop it in the bin. This is to avoid cross contamination.


11. At check out you may be asked to book your next appointment through Facebook or Instagram as we can’t guarantee that we will be able to rebook you in salon due to congestion.


12. When your appointment is over, everything is settled up and you are feeling like a brand new you, a team member will guide you out of the salon. Please do not touch our barrier rope and please do not remove your mask in salon nor put your mask in our bin. This is all to avoid cross contamination.