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Telephone;  01784558002

E-mail; [email protected]


The covid surcharge is to help us ensure that all the necessary PPE is provided and to all clients and team members.


It is also to help cover the cost of the stylist performing safety checks, extra cleaning and sanatizing.


This all ensures the safety of our team and our clients which is paramount to us at this time.


It is £5.00 per client.


We are going above and beyond Government guidelines with our proceedures as we take the risk of Corona very seriously.


We also are providing masks to ensure that everyone is wearing a clean, medical grade mask. This is why we aren't allowing you to wear your own masks.


Our aim is to provide our staff and clients with the safest possible environment from this deadly disease at all costs.


Please note that as soon as we can eradicate the covid charge we will but for now that’s what it is.